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Margaret River Windsurfing Wave Classic 2023
Unleash Media House

Margaret River Windsurfing Wave Classic 2023

Margaret River Windsurfing Wave Classic 2023 The most iconic Australian Windsurfing Wave Event 2 days of full action from 1 pm all the way to the Sunset! The contest saw both strong wind and head-high waves during the day and lite off-shore wind mast-high sets during the Classic Margs late session! And guess what?! The old boy came back to re-claim the chocolate for himself! Congratulations to Scott Mckercher winner of the Margaret River Wave Classic 2023! Thank you to all the volunteers, judges, riders, organizations and sponsors!! Elite 1 Scott Mckercher 2 Bastien Escofet 3 Hendrix Stone 4 Ricky Vandertoorn 5 Federico Infantino 5 James Mc Canthy 6 Jane Seman 6 Ash Nicol 7 Ivan Zecca 7 Ben Arthur 8 Jake Ghiretti 8 Oliver Desforges Master 1 Ash Nicol 2 Jonah Desforges 3 Peter Kenyon 4 Peter Tomsett 5 Serge Pillonel 5 Stuart Slocombe 6 Edward Debenham 7 Thomas Callenaere Womens 1 Jane Seman 2 Santina Pillonel Youth 1 Jake Ghiretti 2 Oliver Desforges 3 Camillo Pillonel 4 Zac Debenham 5 Santina Pillonel Grandmasters 1 Paul Jackman Jacko 2 Raoul Abrutat 3 Darren Clark 4 John Koch 5 Andrew Pidden Legends 1 Paul Jackman Jacko 2 John Koch Expression Session 1 Bastien Escofet 2 Federico Infantino 3 Jake Ghiretti 4 Ricky Vandertoorn 5 Jane Seman Best WipeOut Ash Nicol Rookie of The Year Jake Ghiretti Event Organizers: Unleash Media House Windsurfing Western Australia Race Director: Federico Infantino Main Sponsor: Severne Windsurfing Event Sponsors: Windsurfing Western Australia, International Windsurfing Tour, Department of local Goverment Sport and Culture Industries, Unleash Outdoors, South South West, One Day Cafe', office Products Depot, Yahava Koffee, Beerfarm, Swings & Roundabouts, Gath Sports, Brumby's, G-Force Australia, Surflogic Australia WWA yearly Sponsors: Patrik Windsurfing, The Foil Shop, WSP Windsurfing Perth, The Foil Shop, 2nd Wind Sailboards, Surf Sail Australia Media Unleash Media House
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